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Last Updated: Friday April 23 2010 18:51 GMT

What's your volcano story?

Volcano erupts in Iceland

The massive volcano eruption in Iceland has caused travel chaos for millions of people.

After six days all British airports have finally opened again, but lots of people are still stranded or facing really tough, long journeys home.

Were you stuck abroad and forced to make a difficult journey home?

Perhaps you had to travel by car or coach through different countries because you couldn't fly home to the UK?

Are you or anyone you know STILL stuck somewhere?

Your comments

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"My mate is back now but she was stuck in Pakistan for a few days. I didn't realise it could be such a problem but it was."

Sophie, 11, Huddersfield, England

"My art and science teachers are stuck because of the ash cloud! Yes, no homework!"

Charlie, 13, London, England

"My brother-in-law was stuck in China. He got a plane to Africa then drove to Algeria and then France, then got the Channel Tunnel to England."

Adak, 10, London, England

"It's a huge relief to me because my friend Kaala was in Mexico and the other day, he came back. He got me some tasty Mexican dark chocolate."

Nuhip, 11, London, England

"My cousins are stuck in Australia, my older brother and his partner are stuck in the USA and my grandparents have just returned from Germany!"

Rhiannon, 12, Scotland

"For one amazing day the most mean and strict teacher in my school was stuck and we were put into the most fun teacher's class!"

Freya, 10, Bratislava, Slovakia

"Three of my friends are stuck away on holiday. One is stuck in France and the other two are in America. I hope they are back soon."

Abbie, 13, Derby, England

"My teacher is still stuck in Nepal. That means that we have a supply teacher for ages. I do hope she's alright :) NO MATHS!"

Bob, 12, London, England

"Me and my family are stranded in Cyprus and we need to get back for my uncle's funeral who died during our holiday."

Max, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"About 30 of our Y11's were stuck in China worrying about their up-coming GCSEs. They are home now but it was getting tense... My Head of Year was stranded in India which wasn't that bad... But he's coming back today !! Boo hoo."

Lottie, 12, Twickenham, England

"We were having a last minute holiday in Melbourne and we were going to return to London when we heard about the ash cloud. We did half of the journey and got to Dubai and now we're staying with family."

Asha, 11, London, England

"Our Head Boy and Girl elections have been postponed because all the candidates are stuck! YAY more time to vote!"

Conor, 12, Shrewsbury, England

"A few of the teachers in our school are in other countries, stranded, but they'll come back soon because the flights are going again! NOOOOOO!!!!"

Jamilla, 10, London, England

"After 7 days all airports are finally opened again, but my teacher is stuck in Australia so we are working very hard to get her back to London."

Chloe, 8, London, England

"Five of my strict school teachers are stuck in Barbados, India and Northern Ireland! I'm so happy I want to have a no teachers party!"

Shamus, 11, Coventry, England

"My French teacher is stuck in Finland, my deputy head is stuck in Dubai and my friend went to Dubai, but then went to Pakistan and is stuck there!"

Bridget, 12, Staffordshire, England

"Our Geography teacher is stuck in the USA!!!!!!!!! We are FREE!"

Katie, Riya, Miatanki & Sheen, 12, Watford, England

"My teacher got stuck in Spain. I thought I'd have no more Mr Strict teacher but I got a super strict teacher instead!"

Zoe, 10, West Sussex, England

"My old French teacher is stuck in Spain and my friends and I are so happy, but the bad news is that we have a supply teacher who annoys us even more!"

Ruby, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Thank you, volcano! Our bossy, evil deputy headteacher is stranded in Italy! I am very sad... not!"

Lucy, 10, Surrey, England

"Half of my school teachers are not at school because of the volcano so I don't have extra tutoring! Yippee! I still have my normal teacher though. Oh well!"

Angel, 11, London, England

"My headteacher is stuck in America and so is my PE coach!"

Georgia, 11, Birmingham, England

"One of my teachers is stuck in India, our PE teacher is in Bangladesh and our deputy is in Turkey! We were going to have a punishment but it's been cancelled and boo hoo, I have SATs coming up!!"

Ilham, 11, London, England

"I've missed all the aeroplanes going over my house and my school trip got cancelled because one of my teachers was stuck in another country."

Oliver, 10, Swindon, England

"We came to Spain for an 8 day holiday and to visit my grandma, then our flight got cancelled and the next one is on the 28th, so it's like having an extra long holiday!"

Lily, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"My head teacher is stuck in Tenerife and my Deputy Head is stranded in South Africa!!"

Miriam, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I nearly got stranded in Italy, but unfortunately I came home on Wednesday, the day before the chaos. My teachers and friends are stranded and I feel unlucky!"

Halimah, 13, London, England

"My geography teacher is stuck in the Caribbean and also my friend is stuck in Spain."

Amy & Emma, 12, Guildford, England

"Our head teacher is stuck in Cyprus! At least he won't be here to check our uniform!!"

Taneshia, 12, Derby, England

"My music teacher is stranded in America!"

Amy, 11, Surrey, England

"My head teacher is stuck in Norway. It's cool!"

Owen, 11, Crewe, England

"My English teacher is stuck in Austria!! Yippppppppeeee!!"

Charlie, 13, Oxford, England

"Approximately 20% of our school are stuck in foreign countries!!"

Timothy, 13, Coventry, England

"My tutor is stuck in New York! I'm sad because he is the best."

Chris, 13, Hampshire, England

"My science teacher is stuck in Spain. It's good because we were supposed to have a test on the day we came back, but because we didn't have our teacher we missed it!"

Emily, 12, Hemel Hempstead, England

"I'm stuck in Los Angeles. My flight was cancelled because of the ash. It's gorgeous though!"

Vickki, 12, Cheshire, England

"Our teacher is stuck in a five star hotel. We think she's happy not to be in school!"

Primary, 9-11, West Sussex, England

"My friend is stranded in Australia!"

Shannon, 9, Crewe, England

"Thank you volcano for trapping our teacher in Canada!"

Libby, 10, Shrewsbury, England

"My head teacher is stuck in America and I am over the moon!"

Mohammed, 14, Bradford, England

"My uncle, auntie and cousins are stuck in Egypt. They should have come back on Wednesday, but they will probably not come back until next week."

Samuel, 13, Kidderminster, England

"I'm stuck in California with my family until Wednesday, but this means some more days in California and four days off school!"

Niamh, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"Twenty-five teachers in my school are stuck and years 7, 8 and 9 cannot go to school for a week."

Zara, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"My family and I are stuck in Zurich because of the volcanic ash. We may have to take a train to France, then England and that may take 10 hours!"

Hugh, 10, London, England

"One of my teachers is stuck in Mumbai. She is one of the best teachers that we have!"

Malvika, 11, London, England

"My maths teacher is stuck in Australia. I'm so happy!"

Larisa, 13, London, England

"My nan and grandad are stuck in Dubai and my nan always looks after my brother and me on a Monday and Wednesday."

Amelia, 10, Southampton, England

"My school is missing 16 teachers! Surely it should be closed, as we wait around for ages to get a supply teacher and don't learn anything. Any school in this situation should close until everything is sorted out."

Kate, 14, London, England

"I am stuck in France at the moment. I had to spend one night at the airport which wasn't fun but now I am in a villa. I am due to go back on Friday but if that gets cancelled I am stuck until Tuesday!"

Caitlin, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"On 3 April, I went on holiday with my family to Dubai. We were supposed to come back last Thursday but our flight was cancelled. We are currently looking for the next available flight! I am meant to be in school and I'm getting bored."

Sara, 13, Huddersfield, England

"Teachers at my school are stranded on holiday and we have supply teachers and they're horrible."

Lizzie, 9, Manchester, England

"One of my friends is in Cyprus and won't be back for another eight days!!! So unfair!"

Lauryn, 8, Liverpool, England

"My teacher is stuck in Spain and my friend is in Paris."

Atrej, 10, London, England

"My mum is still stuck abroad and she was supposed to be coming home on Wednesday! She can't get back yet because it is still closed!"

Lorna, 13, Oxfordshire, England

"I could not get home. We spent lots of money on taxis and didn't get our money back. We had to take the boat which cost us a lot and we can't get any money back!"

Brad, 12, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Our Year 4 teacher is stuck in India and our Year 7 teacher is also stuck!!"

James, 11, London, England

"I'm stuck in Florida!"

Hannah, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"My mum is stuck in America and so is my older sister. She gets to miss a whole week of school!"

Tess, 9, London, England

"Three of my teachers are stuck in Europe, two of them in Ukraine and one in Spain, but amazingly one has made a tiring journey to get back. I think she took the ferry. When I heard this I was astonished!"

Connor, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"My friends are stuck in Iceland!! I'm not sure if they are near the volcano or not. One of them happens to be my best friend! I really hope she's OK!"

Naomi, 11, London, England

"One of our teachers is stranded, as well as three of my friends! I am also supposed to be going on a Guide trip, but the main leader is stuck in New Zealand!"

Bethany, 11, Norfolk, England

"Two of my teachers are stuck in Spain and one of them in Egypt."

Lemar, 11, London, England

"The cars had a fine layer of dark dust on them last Friday."

Casey, 10, Ballymena, N. Ireland

"The volcanic ash is affecting me and my family. We're in Portugal but we are hoping we will get back this week. We were supposed to get back on Saturday."

Daniel, 10, Hampshire, England

"The volcanic ash is affecting my auntie and her family. They were in Turkey but now they are in Casablanca. They were meant to come back on Monday."

Aishah, 9, London, England

"I am stranded in Dubai because of the volcano. I am meant to be in school but instead I am in Dubai."

Phoebe, 10, London, England

"My best friend has gone to France for a few days and they were supposed to come back on Saturday. Every time I ring them I get answer phone! They knew I was going to ring her when they got back and I am starting to get worried."

Holly, 11, Cheshire, England

"We're stuck in Singapore but it's great because we have family here and we can have a longer break. We don't know when we're going back so it's all a big mystery to us!"

Laura & Madeline, 11 & 7, Oxford, England

"We have been stuck in California since last Thursday. I've been emailing my friend Laura who is stuck in Cyprus. It's been fun but I miss all my school friends. Daddy is a teacher and needs to get back to school."

Isabel, 7, Dorset, England

"I went to see my family in Scotland but I got stranded. Luckily my dad lives here so we have a place to stay. We're hoping to get the flight that we booked for Friday."

Holly, 9, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"My dad is stuck in Sweden because of his job!"

Tara, 11, Cheshire, England

"My dad's stuck in the US, my friend's stuck in Australia, a boy in my class is stuck in Germany and my form tutor is stranded somewhere too!"

Charlotte, 12, Stoke, England

"15 of our teachers aren't in and a GCSE geography school trip is stuck in China! Loads of friends are also away, like my best friend who's in Spain."

Emily, 14, London, England

"We got stuck in Morocco. To get home we took a plane to Paris, just before it shut! Then a train to Calais, a ferry to Dover and then a train to London. We were travelling for about two days with about six hours sleep!"

Imaan, 10, London, England

"My helper at school is stranded in Hawaii and has missed the first day back of the new term. My uncle is also stranded in New York and can't fly back. We miss him very much."

Erin, 8, Kent, England

"One of my teachers is stranded in Finland and another is stuck in Turkey!"

Scarlet, 12, London, England

"I'm in Vancouver and even though my flight back to the UK isn't until Thursday, I don't think I'm going be home for a while. It's great because I get to stay here longer and miss more of school but I miss my dad.

Amy, 14, Exeter, England

"I'm on holiday in Germany seeing my dad. I'm supposed to be going home today but the airport I normally go to is closed. I'm happy to get a few extra days of holiday but I will miss home, especially fish and chips because they don't have them here!"

Finch, 11, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"My parents left Tuesday morning last week for my cousin's wedding in America. Since the eruption my parents have been worrying non stop. They will now not be leaving until Thursday next week. At the moment I am staying with my grandma but she is going to Wales three days before my parents get home so I will have to stay with my auntie. I will be so glad to get everything back to normal."

Jenna, 14, Oxfordshire, England

"My friend and her family haven't been able to get home from Spain. We go to school on Tuesday and there are not going to be many of my friends there."

Mary, 12, London, England

"I am stuck in Australia with my mum. We were due to return to Heathrow on Friday morning and half way through the journey we got sent back."

Lee, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"No-one at my dad's work can get back to England so my dad has extra tasks."

Imogen, 10, Kent, England

"My mum is stuck in Australia until she can get back to Britain. I am really missing her and I have to keep making plans and its very complicated!"

Alisha, 12, Suffolk, England

"At least 20 of my teachers are stranded in different countries so my head teacher has closed the school for year 7 and 8 for at least two days. Year 9 upwards have to go into school because they have exams coming up and they need to study."

Ciara, 12, London, England

"My form tutor is stuck in New York on a school trip. We've been told he won't be back until Thursday. We had an hour of waiting this morning while they tried to find enough teachers!"

Emma, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"I'm stuck in Spain in a one bedroom flat with five other people."

Dan, 9, Cheltenham, England

"I started school today after a long nice Easter hols, filled with lie ins, late nights and no work! It was torture getting up, then one of my best friends texted me to say he was stuck in a 5-star hotel, in Dubai with a pool! Meanwhile I had to suffer a long day at school in my boiling school uniform doing Spanish, maths and a science test! He is so lucky!"

Tiger Lily, 12, Surrey, England

"My teacher is stuck in Italy because she can't get a flight back to England! We had to have supply teachers!"

Alex, 10, Dudley, England

"Lots of my teachers are stranded in New Zealand because of a wedding and the next flight is on 1 May."

Benjamin, 10, London, England

"My friend is stuck in America and I am really missing her."

Jo, 12, London, England

"Some of my friends are stuck in Morocco and some are in Barbados and were supposed to come back on early Friday. They are not going to be back until Tuesday at the earliest."

Charlie, 13, Oxfordshire, England

"A few of my teachers are missing from school as they are stuck in various places. This is good for me as I have less lessons at school and more fun!"

Sarah, 13, Lancashire, England

"Two of my teachers are stuck. One is in Portugal and the other is stuck in Madeira and they aren't going to be back for a while."

Darcey, 7, West Yorkshire, England

"My form teacher is stuck in New Zealand."

Amber, 10, Bedfordshire, England

"One of the French teachers at my school is stranded in France so we are having to get replacement teachers."

Vicki, 12, Scotland

"I'm in Australia and I have been stranded for nearly four days. I have my laptop with me so I'm not all that bored. I'm happy I miss school but I miss my mates."

Lauren, 10, Kent, England

"I'm stuck in USA. It is fun staying in New York a little while longer but my teacher is going to kill me!"

Suzanne, 11, Wiltshire, England

"Our teacher got stranded in Portugal. We think she might be back at the end of the week but I wish she was here now."

Mia, 7, West Yorkshire, England

"My science teacher is stuck in Dubai!"

Nathan, 12, Tyne and Wear, England

"We are stuck in Barbados. It is alright though because we have an apartment and I get to miss school. My auntie has planned her honeymoon for flying on the 19th April, to St. Lucia and will not be able to go. And hi to Lucy, my best friend!!"

Lauren, 10, Woking, England

"Our teacher is stranded in Turkey! And our head teacher is stuck in Madrid!"

Rachel, 11, East Kilbride, Scotland

"We are in America and have been stranded for 4 days. Our flight is not for another 8 days. We are missing loads of school and I've got SATS coming up in a few weeks."

Rebecca, 11, Guilford, England

"My nan went to Switzerland to meet my sick aunty at the hospital and now she's stuck there, and my little brother's birthday party had to be changed to next week."

Lareece, 13, London, England

"I am stuck in Spain and it's horrible. It's my birthday really soon and I have missed a race that I go selected for. I have tests coming up at school and am missing the revision. All the boats are booked pretty much and we don't have Internet connection so we have to rely on Starbucks!"

Gwen, 11, Bridge on Weir, Scotland

"I'm stuck in Athens therefore I can't get back to school and I can't see my friends."

Ines, 9, London, England

"Due to our flight home from Florida being cancelled, we are stuck here in Florida. Our travel company has provided us with a beautiful hotel. It has huge swimming pool with a hot tub. We get free meals all day - breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Robyn, 7, Essex, England

"My school is shut for the rest of this week because during the Easter holidays some teachers went on holiday so they're stranded because of the ash. There were only 19 teachers in today and there wasn't enough time to hire supply teachers. Only year 10, 11, 12 and 13 are going to be in because they have to study!"

Nahida, 12, London, England

"Four of our teachers are off school because they are stuck in Europe!"

Em, 14, Milton Keynes, England

"I was in France and the volcano erupted so I cant get back. I am happy because I don't have to go to school."

Cameron, 12, Andover, England