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Last Updated: Monday April 19 2010 16:27 GMT

Navy to rescue stranded Brits

Volcano erupts in iceland

Three Royal Navy ships will be used to help return people to the UK who have been stranded abroad by a massive volcano erupting in Iceland.

The ships are on their way to Spain and France to pick up holiday-makers trying to get back home to the UK.

There are still no flights going in or out of the UK because of ash from the volcano.

Planes have been grounded in the UK since Thursday because of worries the ash could damage planes' engines.

Some flights in northern parts of the UK will begin again on Tuesday, but it's too early to say when air travel will get back to normal.

School chaos

Summer term begins this week for most of you, but lots of kids and teachers are stranded abroad, unable to return home.

It's thought around 150,000 British tourists are stuck, because it's been too dangerous to fly through the ash.

The government is trying to come up with ideas about how to help them.

More than 20 countries have stopped flights. It's because the ash, which is a mixture of glass, sand and rock dust, can seriously damage a plane's engines.