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Last Updated: Friday April 16 2010 14:59 GMT

Badger cull to go ahead in Wales

A badger

A plan to kill lots of badgers because they carry a disease which affects cows will go ahead, a top court has ruled.

Animal charity The Badger Trust asked the High Court to look at the decision to kill all badgers in parts of south west Wales, saying it isn't necessary.

The Welsh Government ordered the cull to stop the spread of a disease called Bovine TB, which is serious for cows. Badgers are believed to carry it.

But the High Court judge said the cull should go still ahead.

Some animal welfare groups don't think that killing the badgers will do much to fight the spread of TB. They want different measures to be used to fight the disease.

A spokesman for the Badger Trust said the judgement was "disappointing" and that they are considering appealing the decision.


However, a government spokesman said the effects of Bovine TB cost millions of pounds in 2009, and that something had to be done about it.

If the cull goes ahead, all badgers in north Pembrokeshire, and a small part of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, in Wales, will be killed.