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Last Updated: Thursday April 15 2010 13:48 GMT

In pics: Amazing plane stunt

Paul Steiner on a plane

Perched on this plane is skydiver Paul Steiner - who is about to try an incredible stunt...

Paul Steiner on a plane

He is about to try to climb from one plane to another while 2,100 metres up in the air!

Paul Steiner on a plane

Here's the second plane coming in. Paul climbed out of the cockpit of the first craft, somersaulted onto the wingtip, and them climbed onto the second one. All OK so far..

Paul Steiner on a plane

Here Paul stands up on the second plane and grabs the tail-fin of the first one - which is now flying upside down. And all this happens at 100mph don't forget...

Paul Steiner on a plane

Phew! He's done it! What a relief. Afterwards, Paul, from the Red Bull Flying Team, said it looked smooth but admitted things never go to plan.

Paul Steiner

"It was pretty difficult. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner," he said when back on the ground. Hmmm, good advice Paul.