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Last Updated: Friday April 16 2010 07:00 GMT

Volcanic ash stops UK flights

The erupting volcano

Volcano causes chaos in Europe

All flights in and out of the UK have been cancelled because of a huge cloud of volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland drifts over the UK.

Airports in Scotland were the first to close on Thursday as experts warned the ash could damage aircraft engines.

Later the UK's air traffic controllers said no flights could come in or out of UK airspace until 7am on Friday.

This restriction on planes flying is the worst in living memory, an aviation expert said.

The eruption, under a glacier in the Eyjafjallajoekull area of Iceland, is the second there in less than a month.

The cloud of ash is expected to keep moving south across Europe, but weather experts say it is so high in the atmosphere that it could take days to clear.