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Last Updated: Wednesday April 14 2010 09:33 GMT

Baby squirrel survives nest fall

Squirrel being fed in its drey, or nest

A six-week-old squirrel had a lucky landing when his nest was blown out of a tree and fell to the floor.

Nicknamed Charles, the squirrel kitten was spotted by a passer-by in Cumbria who saved him from predators by taking him to a local squirrel group.

He's now being hand-reared by Sarah McNeil, who runs the charitable group.

There are only 150,000 red squirrels left in Britain, so Charles is being well looked after until he's strong enough to be released into the wild.

Sarah said: "Orphan Charles is fine. He's pretty strong. He's cosy and warm and his eyes have recently opened. I'm hand-rearing him on a puppy or kitten's milk."