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Last Updated: Tuesday April 13 2010 13:03 GMT

Making you safer on social sites

The Facebook logo reflected in someone's eye

Social networking sites seem to be responding to a campaign to improve online security by introducing new ways to help you stay safe on the net.

Facebook is the latest site to try to make you safer by making it easier for you to report inappropriate behaviour to child protection organisations.

A 24-hour police hotline is also being set up to help with emergencies.

It comes after growing pressure from the government and parents for Facebook to protect its 23 million UK users.

You're meant to be 13 or older to have a profile on sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace but recent research found that loads of five to eight year olds are ignoring the rules and creating accounts anyway.

Sonali, Ore and Graham

Advice about using social sites

The changes to Facebook mean it is now much easier for children to contact the Child Protection and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre, which is a major online safety team, if they're worried.

But the people behind Facebook are still refusing to put a panic button on the site.