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Last Updated: Friday April 09 2010 13:24 GMT

In pics: Rescue effort continues in Brazil

Firefighters and rescue workers search for people

The clean-up continues in Brazil after mudslides there killed at least 170 people and left many more homeless.

Rescue workers

Rescue workers have been searching for bodies after mud, moved by heavy rains, hit hillside homes in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil's second biggest city.

An aerial view showing an urban area with a huge crater in the middle of it

The area has suffered its worst rainfall in 40 years, triggering more than 200 mudslides.

View of a partly destroyed house on the top of a hill

About 60 homes have been swept away and officials are asking people living in high-risk areas to leave for their own safety.

General view of a landslide

As the rescue effort continues, the number of deaths is expected to rise and local officials are warning there may be more landslides to come.