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Last Updated: Friday April 09 2010 10:58 GMT

New law for illegal downloaders

Downloading music from the internet

People who illegally download lots of music and movies could be in trouble as a new law's just been passed which cracks down on them.

The Government has agreed a bill which could see courts completely cut people off from the internet who persistently download files illegally.

Internet companies will also be able to send letters to people warning them to stop breaking the law.

But some MPs are against it, saying innocent people could get told off.

There are fears that this could affect people who share computers, or who live in the same buildings, as someone who is illegally downloading.

A boy on a computer
A boy on a computer

One MP said 20,000 people had emailed the Government in the past week alone to say they were worried about the bill, which some claim has been ''rushed through'' Parliament.


But supporters of the law, called the Digital Economy Bill, say it is fair and it will help the entertainment industry, which has made huge losses because of illegal downloading.

CDs for sale in a shop
CDs for sale in a shop

It's thought that music and film companies may have lost "hundreds of millions of pounds" because of it.

Around seven million people in the UK are said to be involved in illegal downloading.

The government says it wants to try to reduce the problem by at least 70% in the next few years.