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Last Updated: Friday April 09 2010 07:37 GMT

Lost or just monkey-ing around?

Capuchin monkey and baby

Police in Cumbria have been called to a local animal park on some urgent monkey business.

A small beige Capuchin monkey has gone missing from his enclosure at the South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Dalton.

Nobody at the park knows how it got out and staff are concerned that it will be lost and scared.

The whole area is being searched, and although the monkey is not thought to be a danger to the public, they are advising people not to approach it.

Capuchin monkeys come from South America.

They are normally about 50cm high and are recognisable by a distinctive black or dark brown head.

They like to live in trees and are known to use tools such as stones to crack open nuts, shellfish and crabs.