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Last Updated: Friday April 09 2010 05:22 GMT

In pics: Footballers draw themselves!

Rio Ferdinand self-portrait

Lots of famous Premier League footballers have drawn self-portraits for a book, which is being sold for charity. This one is by Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand.

Theo Walcott self-portrait

Speed demon Theo Walcott draws himself as a running stick-man going really fast! One leg seems to be bending the wrong way though!

Michael Owen self-portrait

Any ideas who this is? Well it's Manchester United's Michael Owen. Good face Michael, not sure about the body!

Cesc Fabregas self-portrait

Cesc Fabregas is Arsenal's top scorer this season. His self-portrait shows exactly where the ball is going- top right hand corner!

Paul Robinson self portrait

England goalie Paul Robinson draws himself with a big grin! Like the blue pen Paul!

Ricardo Carvalho self-portrait

Chelsea's Ricardo Carvalho's signature is so big there's not enough room for the picture!

John Carew self-portrait

The prize for the best picture has to go to Aston Villa's John Carew. Great detail although it looks like he forgot to draw his hands.

Didier Drogba self-portrait

Another good entry from Chelsea's Didier Drogba. You've really got the hair right Didier!