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Last Updated: Thursday April 08 2010 13:48 GMT

Dr Who computer game coming soon

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in Doctor Who

It's the news lots of fans have been waiting for - there's finally going to be a Doctor Who computer game.

They'll be called Doctor Who - The Adventure Games, and there will be four different episodes to play.

Fans will be able to download the first game for free from the official Doctor Who website in June 2010. They'll be available in PC and Mac formats.

Gamers will take on the roles of the Doctor and Amy, in the adventures that tie in with the TV show.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, who play the lead roles, have already been re-created as computer characters, and their voices will be used on the games.

"Children don't just watch Doctor Who, they join in. They make up games, invent their monsters, create their own stories," said Steven Moffat, who's in charge of Doctor Who.


"Now, there's something else - now, they can be The Doctor in brand-new episodes. Doctor Who - The Adventure Games will offer fans of The Doctor a unique opportunity to enter his world, face his challenges and grapple with his deadliest foes."

The Daleks
The Daleks

The team behind the games hope that families will play them together.

There'll be old and new monsters to battle, and one of the adventures will take place somewhere we've never seen before!

The titles of the games are being kept secret for now, but the first one will be revealed at a press launch on 21 April 2010.