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Last Updated: Friday April 09 2010 17:50 GMT

Ricky on the road: Week one: Liverpool

Ricky on the Road


Throughout the election I'll be taking you behind the scenes to show you how we film our reports.

I'll show you what goes on when Newsround hits the road, travelling across the UK, speaking to children about the election... I want to find out what really matters to you.

I'll be filming mini video blogs on my mobile phone and then posting them here, on the Newsround website.


Day 3 - Liverpool. It has taken a bit of time to get our special election programme up and running.


I'll be live in Liverpool for Newsround. Feeling a bit nervous, but at the same time I'm looking forward to getting the first show out of the way.

Working for Newsround, I spend a lot of time travelling across the UK... take a look at what we get up to and there's even an apperance from our remote control mini (again!)

Your comments

"That's so cool Ricky. How is it going in Liverpool?"

Clare, 10, Manchester, England

It's a lot of hard work Clare!! But at the same time I'm having a lot of fun working in and around all the famous landmarks in Liverpool! - Ricky

"How many people work with you?"

Sandy, 11, Sheffield, England

On this Newsround election tour I'll be working with Darryl, he's a cameraman, and Harriet, who's a producer. She decides what stories we do and sets a lot of the filming up. - Ricky

"What are you doing Ricky? Is it fun or not fun?"

Edward, 8, London, England

This job is very fun and keeps you on your toes. When I'm presenting in the studio I get very excited and when I'm out and about I work hard to get all the important interviews. Working on the general election is really interesting too. - Ricky

"Are you going to be travelling in a real car or just putting a camera in the toy one and sending it to places?"

Umit, 8, London, England

Sometimes we will be travelling in a real car! Other times we will be getting trains on this special Newsround tour. The remote control car is already a bit battered! It will be travelling with us to Cardiff, Belfast and to Scotland. - Ricky


DAY 2 - Get a sneak peek at the Newsround election car. It's got a very small carbon footprint!

The car's the star

You will be seeing a lot more of the Newsround election car over the next few weeks.

During the last general election in 2005, Newsround travelled across the UK in a 4x4 vehicle. This time around we're doing things a bit differently.

To save money, and the environment, we bought ourselves a remote-controlled mini instead. See if you can spot it in my reports.

Fingers crossed it won't run out of batteries...

Your comments

"Hi, what are you up today? I am on school holiday."

Keeley, 8, Egham, England

"Ricky, what would you do if you were prime minister?"

Kelly, Oak Field Park

"Who has the most votes?"

Jo, 9, Cumbria, England


DAY 1 - Getting the graphics ready at Television Centre in London - some things have to be sorted before we hit the road.

Behind the scenes with Ricky

This first video blog is all about filming with a green screen. We'll be creating some special graphics to cover the election, and to make it all look very exciting.

In this video you can find out who I'll be adding to a special map of the UK…

Your Comments

"Thanks. So cool!!! I did not know that it was really a green screen! Thanks Ricky."

Carol-Anne, 12, Sheffield, England

"Are you really Ricky or are you just a guy?"

Patrick, 11, Ipswich, England