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Last Updated: Tuesday April 06 2010 07:04 GMT

UK gets ready for the election

Houses of Parliament

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced that there's going to be a general election in the UK.

It's when adults vote for who will run the country for the next few years.

Mr Brown went to meet the Queen to get official permission to set the date of the election, which is going to be held in a month's time on 6 May.

Parliament - and all the MPs working there - will take a break until then, with ministers using the time to try to convince people to vote for them.

There are three main parties taking part in the election.

Labour have been in charge of the country since 1997 and are led by the Prime Minister.

The Conservatives are led by David Cameron, while Nick Clegg is in charge of the Liberal Democrats.

None of the three leaders have led their parties into a general election before.