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Last Updated: Thursday April 01 2010 10:15 GMT

In pics: Sonali's sneak preview of Streetdance 3D


Sonali got a sneaky peak of new movie Streetdance this week. She's a huge dance fan so she was pretty excited.

Sonali in 3D glasses

No these aren't Sonali's new sunglasses. Streetdance is the first-ever dance film to be made in 3D. It's out on 19 May and has guest appearances from Diversity and George Samspson.

Sonali with dancers

Lots of the cast and crew were at the screening too. Here's Sonali with Jennifer Leung and Sianad Gregory, who play ballet dancers Bex and Chloe. Sonali said the film was brilliant.

Sonali with actor Patrick Baladi

In fact, she said the 3D effects in Streetdance were better than in Avatar. Here's Sonali with actor Patrick Baladi who plays the headteacher of the ballet school in the movie.