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Last Updated: Wednesday March 31 2010 13:35 GMT

Quiz: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Question 1

When was Robert born?

A: 13 May 1984
B: 13 May 1986
C: 13 May 1987

Question 2

What is Robert's middle name?

A: Thomas
B: James
C: Christian

Question 3

Robert used to be a model, true or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 4

Who did he play in the Harry Potter movies?

A: Viktor Crum
B: Cedric Diggory
C: Ernie MacMillan

Question 5

Robert sang on the Twilight soundtrack, true or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 6

What is Robert's famous nickname?

A: Robbie P
B: R Pattz
C: Rob Pat

Question 7

Where was he born?

A: Bristol
B: Manchester
C: London

Question 8

Why was Robert's Twilight character Edward Cullen turned into a vampire?

A: Because he wanted to live forever
B: Because the vampire who turned him wanted a friend
C: To save him from dying from the flu

Question 9

What instruments does Robert mainly play?

A: Guitar and piano
B: Piano and saxophone
C: Guitar and violin

Question 10

In what year was his Twilight character Edward Cullen born?

A: 1899
B: 1901
C: 1910

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