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Last Updated: Tuesday March 30 2010 17:15 GMT

Healthy food could boost results

school dinner

Could healthy food make you brighter?

Eating well could be good for your brain new research has found.

Researchers from Oxford and Essex Universities found kids who took part in a healthy eating scheme did better in their school tests.

The kids took part in TV chef Jamie Oliver's Feed Me Better scheme in Greenwich in south east London.

The scheme, which ran between 2004-5 involved retraining school dinner ladies and changing the types of food kids ate.

Researchers found children who took part in the scheme did better in their English and Science tests than children from nearby schools who did not change their diet.

The study also found children that took part were less likely to be off sick from school.

The schools replaced junk food and processed dinners high in fat, salt and sugar, with healthy school lunches.

The study comes as a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers found that more than two in three teachers think primary school kids should have access to free school meals.

And more than half of the teachers surveyed said students' behaviour got worse if they had eaten sugary or fatty foods at break time.