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Last Updated: Friday March 26 2010 16:24 GMT

In pics: Weird and wonderful creatures

Ghost bat

Oooh, check out this freaky creature. He might look like something out of a horror film, but this is actually a real-life ghost bat. He's from the vampire bat family!

Brazilian bare-faced tamarin monkey

Scary or sweet? This is the Brazilian bare-faced tamarin monkey. All of these creatures feature in the ARKive project - which collects photos of endangered animals.

Predatory bush cricket

This startled-looking thing is the predatory bush cricket. By showing us what these endangered animals look like, and telling us how they live, ARKive hopes to help preserve them.

Horsfield’s tarsier

This cutie is a Horsfield's tarsier - if our eyes were the same proportion as this they'd be as big as apples! So far, ARKive has profiled 6,000 weird and wonderful plants and animals.

An Axolotl

By the end of 2010, ARKive wants to have 17,000 images of the world's most endangered plants and animals.

Saiga antelope

By doing this, they hope to help save many of these creatures - like this Saiga antelope - from dying out.


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