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Last Updated: Thursday March 25 2010 18:23 GMT

Hayley's voiceover for hit TV show

Hayley becomes a voiceover artist

Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a Hollywood voiceover artist for the day?

You might have heard stars like George Clooney, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz on animated films like Shrek and Fantastic Mr Fox, but how do the stars match their voices to the characters so well?

We sent Hayley behind the scenes of a top TV show to find out.

"Yesterday my Newsround job took me off the rails as I went behind the scenes of the new Cbeebies series of Chuggington.

Now if you haven't seen Chuggington, it's an animated cartoon series about different trains that live in the village of Chugginton. They all talk and get up to many moments of mischief.

The trains are all in their starter period and are therefore called 'Trainees' so what better time for me to join.

The studio

Hayley gets some top tips from the stars of Chuggington
Hayley gets some top tips from the stars of Chuggington

When I got to the studio I was greeted by the three main trainees - Wilson, voiced by nine-year-old Morgan, Brewster, who's voiced by 12-year-old Charlie, and Koko, who's voiced by 14-year-old Imogene.

Wilson is pretty cheeky and Morgan told me that he's a bit cheeky too, so the character he plays definitely reflects his personality.

In fact, all the kids told me their personality shine through, and because the cartoons are drawn after the kids record their voices, the cartoons sometimes end up looking like them too.

Getting the part

Imogene told me that even at the audition process the judges were looking for specific voices and personalities that the kids naturally had.

Imogene is the voice of Koko in Chuggington
Imogene is the voice of Koko

They really liked the way she said "Traintastic". (It's very squeaky and sounds a bit like a steam train's horn.)

And the kids were definitely traintastic! As soon as they started speaking I could imagine them as trains, and they sounded like they were having lots of fun.

All the other animations I had seen - like Shrek, Fantastic Mr Fox, and even Bob the Builder - had adults voicing the parts. I asked Charlie why he thought kids played the parts in Chuggington better than adults?

Charlie told me that kids have more energy, were more exciting, and that children watching could relate to kids' voices better than adult voices.

My go!

So now it was time for me to have a go! I was given the part of Chevy. She is the rescue train and is apparently always in a rush and very busy (a bit like me).

So with a few tips from the guys, like take your time, be yourself and don't rustle, I said my lines…

I had to go and save another trainee who had got stuck on one of the lines, and as I left to rescue them I said "coming throu-ou-oughhhhh!!"

I had to make my voice sound as much like a train as I could.

It was quite tricky to say all the lines and sound natural, but in the end I think I did OK. Maybe not as good as a Hollywood star like Cameron Diaz, but as a train I think I did pretty well."