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Last Updated: Thursday March 25 2010 17:11 GMT

In pics: Dad's amazing Earth snaps

A picture of Earth (Photos: Robert Harrison)

Check out this incredible picture of Earth. You'd think it was taken using special equipment like a satellite wouldn't you? We did...

The sun (Photos: Robert Harrison)

Well we were all wrong. These were taken by an ordinary man with three kids. He used a large balloon, a camera and a computer!

Earth (Photos: Robert Harrison)

Robert Harrison from West Yorkshire started his project in 2008. He wraps up a camera in loft insulation and attaches it to a weather balloon.

The sky (Photos: Robert Harrison)

He sends the balloon up about 22 miles into the sky. And he uses a computer to trigger the camera every five minutes. And these are some of the images that come back!

Earth (Photos: Robert Harrison)

His photos are so amazing that space agency Nasa contacted him to ask him how he did it. Their satellites cost millions of pounds.

The camera going up on the balloon (Photos: Robert Harrison)

But Robert's equipment costs just 500. He said his family and friends thought he was a "bit mad" at first, but then they saw his pictures and were impressed.

Earth (Photos: Robert Harrison)

And now his photos have captured the imagination of people everywhere...

The camera and balloon after it's landed (Photos: Robert Harrison)

Once the balloon reaches 22 miles up, it bursts and a little parachute gets released. Robert then tracks where it lands by using a sat nav.


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