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Last Updated: Thursday March 25 2010 12:04 GMT

Cheryl Cole keen on American X Factor job

Cheryl Cole performing

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she'd love to be a judge on the forthcoming American version of X Factor, but says she hasn't been officially asked yet.

She told Fearne Cotton on Radio 1 that she'd get a real "buzz" from it, but she'd be worried that people wouldn't know her, or understand her accent.

"I love the thought of it and I would absolutely love to do it," Cheryl said.

"The talent out there is phenomenal so I would get an absolute buzz out of doing it."

But the Girls Aloud star said she knew she wasn't very famous in the States, and that some American people might struggle with her Geordie accent.

Cheryl Cole performing
Cheryl Cole performing

Simon Cowell is planning the American version of the show, and it's well known that he's good mates with Cheryl. But she said she hadn't been asked "directly" to consider being a judge on it.

Dog poo

Cheryl also talked to Fearne about going on tour with the Black Eyed Peas soon.

But she added that she wouldn't be taking her pet dogs with her, after her bandmate Sarah Harding took her puppy on the Girls Aloud tour bus and it "pooed everywhere".