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Last Updated: Friday March 26 2010 11:37 GMT

Does dog poo in public places annoy you?

Council tackles problem dog poo

Dog poo stinks, gets stuck on your shoes and can even make you ill.

That's why a council in England's turning up the heat on dog owners who aren't cleaning up after their pets.

Staffordshire Council has decided to spray the brown stuff pink to highlight just how much of a problem it is on their streets and in their parks.

But what do you make of the colourful plans? Do you think it's a good way of showing just how much of a problem it is?

Or do you think the council should just clear the stuff up instead?

Perhaps your area's got a problem too - have you got any suggestions about how to fix it?

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Your comments

"I love dogs but their owners should really pick up the poo because all of us in the UK want our country to be tidy and clean!"

Hannah, 10, Co. Durham, UK

"Yes, it does get on my nerves because it is a public place! It sounds silly but I think there really should be dog toilets on the streets!"

Leah, 10, Sheffield, England

"I think the amount of dog poo is unbelievable. Owners want to have a dog but don't clean up after it! It is so unfair! ARGH!!"

Phoebe, 10, Cambridge, England

"No! I think spraying the places where poo is will just make it stand out more! That will attract attention, and no-one will like it."

Charlotte, 13, Doncaster, England

"Leaving dog poo in public places is so lazy of owners! I wish people would stop blaming the dogs! It's the lazy owners who are at fault here!"

Annie, 12, Surrey, England

"It does annoy me because if I walk in it and I don't notice I might get it on the floor or a rug or something you don't want it on!"

Dean, 11, Oxfordshire, England

"If dog owners can't take responsibility to clean up their dog poo then they shouldn't be allowed a dog!"

Lily, 7, Hampshire, England

"Dog poo is such a problem in my area. It isn't hard for dog owners to pick up their dog's poo, I do it with my own dog!"

Fern, 11, London, England

"It sounds like a great way to highlight the problem but what happens after the poo has disappeared? Will the paint wash away or will it stay and pollute the area?"

Beth, 12, Surrey, England

"Where I live the owners normally pick the poo up."

Megan, 10, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"There isn't much dog poo round where I live because there is a fine if they leave it. I think it is the dog owner's responsibility to clean up and they should leave the places how they would want to find them."

Maddie, 9, Oxfordshire, England

"I have a dog myself and every time he poos we pick it up. If more dog owners do that it would be loads better. We need more bins to put the poo in so we don't have to carry it round for ages."

Ellie, 11, Hampshire, England

"I find it annoying when it is on the grass."

Asher, 13, Lancashire, England

"I think if people aren't prepared to pick up their dogs poo, they shouldn't have a dog. I love my dog but I always pick up after it too."

Leah, 11, London, England

"Yes! I live right by the park and when I walk through I sometimes tread in it! Yuk!"

Mollie, 11, Hampshire, England

"There is lots of dog poo on my street. It's very unhealthy and I hate when it gets on your shoe! It's so smelly."

Megan, 11, Nottingham, England

"Dog poo annoys me, I think the dog owners should clear up their dogs mess."

Dolly, 11, Rochester, England

"My mum cleans up after our dog, but we see lots of poo when we take her out for walks. She is still young and tries to eat it sometimes. We hope owners will clean up after their pets."

Nuala, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"Dog poo is everywhere in my town, yet no one clears it up!"

Fran, 11, London, England

"My mum hates it when she runs over dog poo in my little brother's pushchair because it takes ages to clean it off the tyres."

Connor, 8, Manchester, England

"Instead of spraying it pink and counting the numbers, how about picking it up and disposing of it."

John, 14, Berkshire, England

"It's worse around my area, it annoys me a lot!"

Eliza, 13, Cambridge, England

"They should hire pavement cleaners because there's lots of litter as well."

Hayley, 13, Newcastle, England

"Cat mess is much worse. There's a cat that comes in my back door if it is open and messes in our kitchen, but do the cat owners pick it up? NO!"

Miranda, 13, Poole, England

"If dog owners can't control their dogs from pooing on the streets then they should not be allowed to take dogs out or even keep them!"

Alriatu, 11, London, England

"I think spraying the poo will only make the streets look more messy."

Joycelyn, 13, Sussex, England

"I hate the smell but I don't get it stuck to my shoes. Spraying it pink is rather weird but might help people notice it more, because the colour is so vibrant and then they won't step in it."

Ciara, 11, Swindon, England

"That's gross. We don't have that problem in my area. Most people pick it up and the city has boxes and bags for it to go in along the sidewalks and nature paths."

Katie, 13, USA

"I'm sick of poop. It's so annoying. I dread it nearly every day on the way to school."

Aimee, 13, Nottingham, England

"It is a big problem in Paris too but the local councils have poop-sucking vans which go around Paris vacuuming up the poop. It's cool!"

Izzy, 14, London, England

"I think that dog poo is horrible and spraying it pink is a brilliant idea."

Rachel, 10, County Durham, England

"It's disgusting how people leave it on the grass."

Bryony, 11, County Durham, England

"I like this idea, but eventually the floor will be pink everywhere. Come to England, where the streets are paved with pink poo!!"

Daag, 13, Rotterdam, Holland

"It's sick. I hate it when it gets stuck on your shoes and takes ages to clean, but the smell has got to be the worst!"

Tom, 11, Hereford, England

"Yes, it annoys me so much. I think it's horrible to let dogs poo in public places!"

Ellen, 10, Hereford, England

"They should clean it up, it's disgusting and smells really really bad."

Owain, 11, Hereford, England

"It is disgusting. We can't poo in the public so dogs shouldn't be allowed to do it either."

Jack, 13, Highland, Scotland

"It is gross and it shows that the owners of the dogs are being lazy."

Jasmine, 8, Buckinghamshire, England

"The council shouldn't have to spent large amounts of money tidying up after lazy people. By spraying the mess it means that people can see how its affecting their neighbourhood and how much of a nuisance it really is."

Amy, 13, Kent, England

"I think it is disgusting. People should not have to put up with dog mess which other people can't be bothered to clean up."

Rachel, 13, Nottingham, Kent

"Dog poo is revolting and I personally believe that people who leave it should be given a warning from the police."

Olivia, 13, Huddersfield, England

"If you are walking along looking at lovely wildlife and nature the last thing you want to see is dog foul. It is gross and owners should clear it up."

Anna, 11, England

"I think it's horrible. I don't see what's wrong with just picking it up with a bag or something like that."

Ian, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"It doesn't affect me because I have a dog and at the end of the day they're animals and they need to do it."

Danielle, 13, Wrexham, Wales

"It annoys me when I'm walking on the street. I think we can improve it by cleaning streets."

Kentaro, 8, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

"It is very bad."

Taiki, 8, North Point, Hong Kong

"Dog poo is disgusting. The councils should do something about it. The owners that don't pick up their dog's poo are lazy!"

Catherine, 14, Belfast, N. Ireland

"The councils should just clear it up!"

Saffron, 14, Wolverhampton, England

"It's disgusting when you're at a park or in town and then you almost walk into a dog's poo! It's not very fair because the dogs can't do it anywhere else. It's the owners fault for not cleaning it up!"

Estella, 12, Berkshire, England

"Of course it annoys me! Walking to school every morning is like an obstacle course, avoid the dog poo!"

Niamh, 11, Derby, England

"Dog excrement is fine and they shouldn't fine people. People don't get fined for cat or bird poo."

Danny, 13, Kent, England

"I think dog poo is vile. If you have a dog, you should accept the consequences and clean up its poo! It can make you ill, it stinks, and it gets on your shoes. Once I picked up some dog poo, thinking it was a really big stone! It really angers me when owners can't be bothered to clean up after their dogs."

Zara, 12, London, England

"I think it's ugly and disgusting."

Steafan, 10, Armagh, N. Ireland

"I think dog foul is appalling in my area. Everywhere I go I see it on the floor."

Tahmidur, 12, London, England

"I think that it is really unfair when innocent children like us have to put up with the risk of having dog poo on our shoe. It is really careless and selfish when people just don't clear up their dogs mess."

Jamie, 10, Bristol, England

"I love dogs but when they leave their mess behind I don't like them as much."

Hannah, 11, Worthing, England

"I think owners are responsible for their dogs and should be fully equipped with dog bags. I am also fed up coming home from school and cleaning the bottom of my shoes all the time."

Isabella, 11, Essex, England

"I think dog poo is disgusting because when you stand in it it gets stuck to your shoe. The owner should clean it up, it is not hard to do."

Hollie, 10, Kent, England

"I think dog poo is so gross."

Jasmine, 9, Bedfordshire, England

"Dog poo annoys me because you always have to look at your feet when you're walking to make sure you don't step in any! I think the main problem is that people are lazy and can't be bothered to clean up their dog's mess!"

Daz, 10, England

"I am an animal lover. Dogs are one of the cutest animals however when it comes to dog poo, it is awful!"

Sara, 14, Birmingham, England

"I think dog poo on the streets is absolutely horrible. I think the spraying idea is great. It just might show people how much they are damaging the environment and general health. People should put more effort into clearing up after their pets. The council shouldn't have to clear up after people, it's their dog, their job, their mess."

Shameela, 13, UK

"The council should do something about the dog poo! Lots of countries have this problem and people get very angry."

Wael, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I always pick up my dogs poo, but once I had an old man shout at me for my dog pooing at the side of the pavement, even though I was picking it up!"

Louise, 13, Macclesfield, England

"Dog poo is absolutely DISGUSTING! It is everywhere and you can't avoid it. I think there should be a fine for anyone who is caught leaving dogs mess in public places."

Louise, 10, Essex, England

"I get very annoyed when it's only dogs that are named and shamed! Cats are also responsible for some of the muck and there a lots of cats down my way that even poo in our garden and we have to clear it up! Don't always assume it is from a dog."

Jade, 14, Derbyshire, England

"I find dog poo REALLY annoying because at my school I have to dodge the poo on the pavement because it is everywhere!"

Tia, 10, Derby, England

"Yes it does. I think that you should put more bins out so that if a dog does poo, you would see a bin and you should put it in there."

Eleanor, 8, Hilton, UK

"Dog poo is full of germs and could spread diseases. They should increase the fine and provide more bins and also provide bags. Spraying it pink is an OK idea but it might make the pavement look a bit horrid if there's too many of them!"

Gertrude, 10, Lancashire, England

"No, in Newcastle we have Poop Scoop Services to clean up and you get issued £1000 if they find out!"

Matthew, 7, Newcastle, England

"I hate dog poo! It smells and if you have new trainers, you might accidentally step in it! I've done that before!"

Amy, 12, Norwich, England

"Once I stood in some and it was horrible! Despite there being fine signs up, people get away with it! I'm very fed up of seeing it."

Jessica, 11, Bolton, England

"People who don't pick up are disgusting. I've got two dogs and me and my family always clean up after them. Some people think it's OK to leave it if it's in the deep grass at the side of the play area, or even by the edge of the water, but my mum's found that up to 20-30% of water pollution could be caused by decaying dog waste getting in our water! Us kids should teach older people how to be better people again."

Craig, 9, Cornwall, England

"I think dog do is quite annoying, especially when the owner just leaves it lying there and people can step on it and spread all kinds of diseases!"

Georgina, 10, Hampshire, England

"We love dogs but not when they poo! My little brother has been ill because of dog poo."

Jim and Tim, 9 and 4, London, England

"There are dog waste bins which are only used for dog rubbish. I don't understand why people do not use them, they are there for a reason!!"

Juwairyyah, 10, Walsall, England

"I don't mind dog poo because there is a lot of it around anyway!"

Shaun, 14, Bedford, England