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Last Updated: Friday March 19 2010 14:51 GMT

Dr Who Quiz: Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Question 1

When is Matt Smith's birthday?

A: 28th October
B: 1st November
C: 15th April

Question 2

How many Doctors have there been including Matt?

A: 9
B: 10
C: 11

Question 3

What did Matt want to be before he became an actor?

A: Astronaut
B: Footballer
C: Doctor

Question 4

What is Matt's favourite children's book?

A: The BFG
B: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
C: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Question 5

What is Matt's catchphrase as the Doctor?

A: Yeeha!
B: Allons-y
C: Geronimo!

Question 6

Which of these statements is true?

A: Matt is the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor
B: Matt's dad has also played the Doctor
C: Matt appeared in an earlier episode of Doctor Who as an extra

Question 7

Where did Matt grow up?

A: London
B: Northampton
C: Birmingham

Question 8

Who did Matt replace as the Doctor?

A: David Tennant
B: Tom Baker
C: Christopher Eccleston

Question 9

What was Matt's favourite lesson at school?

A: Maths
B: Spanish
C: History

Question 10

Matt once starred in a TV drama with former Doctor Who companion Billie Piper - true or false?

A: True
B: False

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