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Last Updated: Wednesday March 17 2010 18:25 GMT

Dog decision delights owners

A pitbull terrier in Germany

Dog lovers are celebrating after the Government's changed its mind on charging every dog owner money in case their pet attacks someone.

The Government was considering introducing a special insurance, which would mean that anyone attacked by a dog would get money as compensation.

This was one of many measures suggested to help the problem of dangerous dogs.

More than 100 people a week go to hospital after being attacked by dogs, so people want something to be done.

But, just a week after suggesting the 'dog insurance', the Government's decided that it's not a good idea.

Animal experts argued that some really dangerous breeds which are illegal to own, like pit bull terriers, wouldn't be covered by insurance so it wouldn't help victims.

And yet thousands of people who own harmless dogs would have to pay for the insurance.


MP Hilary Benn said: "We can rule out compulsory insurance for all dogs.

"We've got to make sure that the public are protected and we're taking public concern seriously by asking how can we sensibly review the law that we've currently got."

So the Government is looking at ways to help victims of dog attacks, without unfairly charging every dog owner in the country.