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Last Updated: Wednesday May 19 2010 06:18 GMT

Quiz: World Cup 2010

World Cup trophy

Question 1

Which team has won the most World Cup trophies?

A: Brazil
B: Germany
C: Italy

Question 2

Who are the current World Cup champions?

A: Italy
B: Argentina
C: France

Question 3

Roger Milla is the oldest player to score a goal in a World Cup game, how old was he when he scored against Russia in 1994?

A: 38
B: 42
C: 65

Question 4

Which of these teams is not in England's World Cup 2010 group?

A: United States
B: Slovenia
C: Argentina

Question 5

What type of animal is Zakumi, the official mascot for World Cup 2010?

A: A donkey
B: A leopard
C: A gorilla

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