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Last Updated: Monday March 15 2010 19:46 GMT

Sportsround does Sport Relief

Ore and Iain

Ore and Iain gear up for Sport Relief

Sport Relief 2010 is bigger and better than ever, and Sportsround wasn't about to miss out on the chance to raise some cash for a good cause.

So we sent Ore and CBBC's Iain on the athletic challenge of a lifetime... They might be buddies now, but after a gruelling contest, are they enemies now? And most importantly, who won?! Ore's got more:

"Take note budding cyclists - 36 miles on a bike will make your bum ache for a whole week!

At least that's what Iain and I found after we'd finished our Sport Relief challenge…

Iain chats to the camera about the cycling challenge
Iain chats to the camera about the cycling challenge

We'd both been wearing lycra trousers for our ride - we are, of course, super style icons - but they weren't special padded cycling trousers.

So after a couple of hours riding through the streets of Manchester and Liverpool, we were well and truly saddle sore!

And don't get me started on the jelly legs…

As much as the pain made the next week back in the office pretty uncomfortable, it did act as a bit of a reminder to what we'd done on a really fun (but massively tiring) weekend for Sport Relief.

Training hard

Iain gets ready for the contest!
Iain gets ready for the contest!

We knew we would need as much training as possible before the challenge itself.

Before we started hitting the gym, Iain had been doing regular exercise… about half a game of football every two months!

And it had been so long since I'd been physically active that I couldn't remember if I'd ever even played sport before!

Pre-race nerves

Ore hangs out with Laurence Dallaglio
Ore hangs out with Laurence Dallaglio

On the way up to Liverpool we were a bag of nerves but we'd had some inspirational good luck messages from the likes of England rugby legend Lawrence Gallaglio, Olympic BMXer Shanaze Reade and triple Olympic medallist Sir Chris Hoy.

So at least we were going into the challenge with the best expert advice available… if our fitness wasn't up to scratch… which it probably wasn't.

Competition hots up

Iain and I are obviously good mates, but when it's time to compete there's no time for friendship.

And we had our first taste of competition at the Cycling velodrome in Manchester - the UK's national centre for cycling.

Watching some of the best cyclists in the world obviously spurred me on because I'm very glad to say that in a 250-metre cycle sprint I… beat… Iain!!

Will any amount of stretching get Ore fit enough for the challenge?!
Will any amount of stretching get Ore fit enough for the challenge?!

Oh it was a great moment. It felt fantastic to watch the sweat pour from Iain's brow, and for what? Nothing! Haha…

Another challenge

I wasn't able to enjoy the moment for too long though.

The problem was, our Sportsround does Sport Relief challenge the next day would be a whole load more gruelling…

More sweat, more tears and by the end definitely no energy left whatsoever..."


Check out Sportsround on Friday March 19 at 6.30pm on the CBBC Channel and Saturday March 20 at 7.15am , CBBC on BBC2.