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Last Updated: Monday March 15 2010 07:37 GMT

In pics: F1 season begins with Bahrain Grand Prix

Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain Grand Prix was the first race of the F1 season.


German Sebastian Vettel had taken pole position on Saturday, and it looked like he was on course to win, but after a spark plug failure on Sunday he came fourth.

Lewis Hamilton

Having been off the pace in qualifying, Lewis Hamilton became much more competitive in the race and came third...

Bahrain Grand Prix

...and he gets up on the podium to celebrate!

Michael Schumaker

Michael Schumacher is back to racing this season, but he came sixth so he's not showing off the form that got him 91 victories between 1991 and 2006.

Bahrain Grand Prix

Spain's Fernando Alonso came first, dedicating his debut win for Ferrari to the Italian people and to Ferrari staff.

Bahrain Grand Prix

It was a perfect day for Ferrari, with their Brazilian driver Felipe Massa coming second.