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Last Updated: Friday March 26 2010 11:01 GMT

PICTURES: Dr Who - going behind the scenes

Newsround's Leah

Leah was given the chance to have a look behind-the-scenes as the first episode of Doctor Who was being made. This is Leah outside the new companion's house.

Leah by the Tardis

No trip to Doctor Who would be complete without seeing The Tardis - it's crashed landed into this garden.

Leah and Bosley

It's not just humans that make up the cast of this programme. Bosley the dog will be making an appearance too - but he might look a bit different on screen.

Leah and Matt Smith - the new Doctor

Leah had a chat with Matt Smith who's the new Doctor. He's 27-years-old which makes him the youngest Doctor ever.

Matt Smith

It can be really hard work making a programme like Doctor Who but everyone gets the chance to have fun and enjoy it too!

Karen Gillan and Leah

There's a new companion called Amy Pond. The actress is Karen Gillan and she's dressed up like a policewoman…you'll have to watch the programme to find out why.

Matt Smith, Leah and Karen Gillan

Here's Leah with the two new stars of the show - you'll be able to see what they're like in the new series on BBC One.