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Press Pack Reports: Your Reports

Last Updated: Monday March 15 2010 18:04 GMT

We presented a radio news bulletin

Rob and Sam

It's BBC School Report's News Day!

This is where kids from all over the UK - and around the world - write, record and even present their own news reports.

Rob and Sam took over

the airwaves to present BBC World News for Children. Here's how they got on.

"We were invited to visit BBC Newsround's team on school report day to create an international news radio bulletin.

As part of school report, we started the day searching for news on the BBC news website. It was a fun but challenging task.


Once we had a short list of stories, we had a meeting with the editor, to decide which ones would be included in our bulletin.

When we knew which stories were going out, it was time to write the headlines. This was harder than we thought!

Slightly nervous

We then popped up to the school report radio studio to announce our headlines live on air.

We were slightly nervous but had some experience from presenting our school radio station, Radio Weald.

We then recorded the bulletin with Sonali. This gave us loads of ideas to take bake to our radio presenters.

We had a fantastic day working with the School Report team."

Sam, 13, Rob, 14, West Sussex