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Last Updated: Thursday March 11 2010 17:32 GMT

Miracle birth of baby elephant

Miracle birth of baby elephant

A baby elephant that was thought to have died before birth has been born alive and well in a zoo in Australia.

After tests on its mum, vets thought the baby calf, who's been called Mr Scruffles, had died during the birthing process, which lasted six days.

So when he was born fit and well at Sydney Zoo you can imagine everyone's shock and surprise.

The zoo will now be keeping a close eye on Mr Scruffles to make sure he continues to stay fit and healthy.

Vets reckon the tiny calf was unconscious and not moving inside his mum when they tested to see how healthy he was, and that's why they thought he'd died.

The birth is good news for Sydney Zoo who are trying to breed more elephants in captivity to protect their numbers which are dwindling in the wild.