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Last Updated: Thursday March 11 2010 05:56 GMT

Mabel the dog leaves Blue Peter

Mabel with Blue Peter presenters Joel, Helen and Andy

Mabel the dog is leaving Blue Peter after a whopping 14 years on the show.

She is a rescue dog and first appeared on the programme on 8 January 1996 in a story about the RSPCA. Mabel joined the team just a few weeks later.

Mabel is the second longest-serving pooch on Blue Peter, after a dog called Petra who was on the show for 15 years.

Presenter Helen Skelton said: "It will be a sad day for us all when we have to bid a fond farewell to our studio mate Mabel."

Mabel, who's a border collie cross, has worked with 14 different presenters since she started working on the programme.

Mabel (left) with Lucy
Mabel (left) with Lucy

The other Blue Peter dogs, Lucy and Barney - who's owned by Helen - will be staying on.

Mabel will be spending her retirement living with someone who used to work on the show. And she'll be doing her favourite things - playing with toys and footballs, and poking around inside people's bags.


Presenters Andy Akinwolere and Joel Defries said they were sorry to see Mabel go.

"I know that our viewers will miss Mabel as much as we will," Andy said.

And Joel added: "Mabel is a legend."