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Last Updated: Wednesday March 10 2010 19:46 GMT

Drivers need level crossing tests

Level crossing

Drivers need level crossing tests

New drivers could be made to answer questions about railway crossings when they're learning to drive on the roads.

Thirteen people died on level crossings in the UK in 2009 and there were many more near-misses.

People and cars should always wait behind the white line and stop if the red light flashes.

But every driver does and Network Rail, the company who look after the crossings, reckon extra questions will reduce near misses.

Network Rail say the crossings are safe but added that around 2,000 people use them wrongly every year, trying to dash across them even though they know a train is coming.

Many people think the crossings are dangerous and cause more deaths than train crashes and they want them scrapped.

Reducing near misses

There are more than 7,500 level crossings in the UK.

It's hoped these plans to quiz new drivers will stop motorists and people from taking unnecessary risks and will convince them to wait safely at the crossings.