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Last Updated: Thursday March 11 2010 05:54 GMT

In pics: Battersea Dogs Home stamps


The famous Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is 150 years old! So Royal Mail has released a set of stamps of some of their success stories. This is Pixie who now lives happily in Sussex.


Battersea started as a home for dogs way back in 1860. It started taking in cats too in 1883. This is Button, who luckily found a family in Hampshire to take him after just a few days.


Battersea takes in 12,000 animals every year. This pic shows Herbie, who came to Battersea as a puppy and is a now flyball champion. He lives in Berkshire…


...with Tafka, pictured here, and the pair are great friends. Tafka is a seven-year-old Border Collie who came to the home when his owner passed away. He plays flyball too.

Mr Tumnus

This is Mr Tumnus who was born at the home with his sister Lucy. They live together with their new owners in London. He enjoys playing outside or sitting on the kitchen shelf.


This is Boris the Bulldog. When he arrived at the home he had a bad skin condition and needed regular baths. He is now better and lives with his owners in London.


Casey is a Lurcher dog. His owner became too ill to care for him. He has now been adopted and loves his long walks near his new Surrey home.


Leonard came to Battersea because he was a stray in Essex. He was very thin and a bit scared of people. But he's now well and lives happily with his new family in Kent.


Tigger is an older cat and came to the home when his owner died. He was shy at first but now lives in London with his new owners, where he loves his garden and lazing in the sun.


And this is Tia the Terrier. She went to live with her new owner Sam when she was just five months old. She helps all the dogs that Sam fosters feel right at home in Berkshire.