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Last Updated: Saturday March 06 2010 12:12 GMT

Frozen peas keep chilly cat alive

Frosty the cat

A cat survived being trapped in a freezing food warehouse for nearly a month, by eating frozen peas!

The one-year-old black and white tabby, who's been nicknamed Frosty, survived temperatures as low as -2C before being rescued by the RSPCA.

He's thought to have survived by eating peas and other frozen scraps and licking moisture off icy food packets.

Frosty had to have his ears and tail removed after suffering frostbite in the cold but is making a good recovery.

No-one knows for sure how Frosty ended up in the warehouse, but it's thought he may have got in on the back of a lorry.

Warehouse staff tried to catch him, but he stayed out of reach until the RSPCA tempted him out overnight using cat treats, milk and water.

Happy ending

He's now recovering at an RSPCA centre in Leicester, but already has a new home waiting for him when he's fully recovered.

RSPCA spokesman Steve Sellars said: "He's really warming to the staff now, he's letting them tickle his tummy and is rolling over and playing.

"It's going to be a happy ending."