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Last Updated: Thursday March 04 2010 15:38 GMT

British boy kidnapped in Pakistan

Sahil's mother, Akila Naqqash, holds a photo of him

A five-year-old British boy has been kidnapped while he was on holiday with his dad in Pakistan.

Sahil Saeed, from Greater Manchester, was taken from the house where his family were staying on Wednesday night.

Four men with guns and a grenade broke into the house in Jhelum, and are now demanding £100,000 to give Sahil back.

The boy's father, Raja Naqqah Saeed, said: "I don't have any money at all. They can take me if they want - just let my son come back."

A BBC journalist in Pakistan said the local police were taking it very seriously and that a large team of officers were working on the case.

They are confident they will be able to solve the case, he said.

Sahil and his father were visiting his grandmother. They were due to fly home to Britain on the day Sahil was kidnapped.

Sahil's mother, Akila Naqqash, who is at home in Manchester, said: "Sahil is a really quiet child - he's no harm to nobody. Why would they want to take my son?"