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Last Updated: Thursday March 04 2010 12:04 GMT

In pictures: Aftershocks hit Chile

There have been lots of aftershocks in Chile

Aftershocks have rocked parts of Chile after the devastating earthquake there on Saturday 27 February. The tremors were 5.5 magnitude so they were pretty strong.

People running after tsunami warnings

There were warnings that more giant waves, called tsunamis, might hit after the tremors, so people are seen here in the city of Constitucion, running to get to higher ground.


Rescue workers are seen here comforting each other. They have been working solidly to help people since the quake first struck.


Two people and their dog walk through the rubble on Juan Fernandez Island where a tsunami hit. Nearly 800 people died in the tragedy and many more lost their homes.


This house was hit by the quake and the tsunami. Troops have been sent all over the country to stop people stealing food and water in the emergency.