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Last Updated: Wednesday March 03 2010 12:13 GMT

Do footballers earn too much?

Fabio Capello

England football boss Fabio Capello says players earn too much money and it's affecting their behaviour away from football.

The Italian manager reckons footballers must remember they are role models for children and fans.

Capello is worried poor behaviour off the pitch could affect England's World Cup hopes.

Recently footballers John Terry and Ashley Cole have had problems in their private lives.

Capello said in an interview, players should try to behave better: "They are young boys, who are rich boys. This is the problem.

"Players have to be an example to the children, for all the fans. For that reason, they have to stay careful at all times and sacrifice something in their lives."

The England manager has spoken to his team about their behaviour ahead of the team's big match against Egypt at Wembley.