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Last Updated: Monday April 26 2010 10:38 GMT

DVD review: Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

Release date

Out now, rated PG.

The stars

Fantastic Mr Fox is based on the famous Roald Dahl book and features loads of famous voices.

There's George Clooney as Mr Fox, Meryl Streep, who starred in Mamma Mia, as Mrs Fox, and Professor Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon as evil farmer Franklin Bean.

And let's not forget Spiderman's Willem Dafoe as Rat, Night at the Museum's Owen Wilson as Coach Skip and Bill Murray as the brilliant Badger. Phew!

The Plot

Mr Fox used to be a chicken thief, but gave it up when Mrs Fox was pregnant with their son Ash.

Fast forward 12 human years, and we find the pair living a happy home life with Ash and their young nephew Kristopherson.

George Clooney
George Clooney makes a Fantastic Mr Fox

There's just one problem. Mr Fox is growing bored of life as a newspaper columnist and soon slips back to his chicken-stealing ways.

Unfortunately for him, the three evil farmers he steals from - Boggis, Bunce and Bean - don't take too kindly to being robbed. Before long, Mr Fox has put not only his own family in danger, but the whole animal community too!

Trapped underground, and without enough food to go round, the animals have to work together to fight the evil farmers who are determined to get the better of Mr Fox once and for all.

DVD Extras

Three featurettes, including a great behind-the-scenes look at the unusual way the cast recorded their voices for the film. The film-makers also let you into a few secrets about how they came up with their magical - and tiny! - sets for all the action.

And let's not forget the digital copy of the film, which you can save onto your portable player to watch on the go!

Best bits

It's pretty cool how the film is split into chapters, just like it would in the book.

The Go for Broke Rescue Mission is the big finale between the animals and the farmers, so it's definitely worth waiting for. So too are the Master Plan phases and Bean's Secret Cider Cellar!

Fave characters

You'd expect Mr Fox to be good, and he is, but keep an eye out for Kiley the Possum too. He's the classic hapless sidekick and some of his expressions are very funny.

Farmer Bean is a great, bad-guy character you love to hate, as is Rat, of Bean Security.

Any weak bits?

The only real weak bit is the DVD extras. There are only three featurettes, which is disappointing, and of those only two are worthwhile. Sadly, the beginners' guide to Whack-Bat just repeats part of the film and seems a bit pointless.

Hit or miss?

Although the DVD extras are lacking a bit, the main attraction is the film and based on that it's got to be a big hit!

NR rating:


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"I really like Fantastic Mr Fox. My favourite character is Ash. There's only one bad thing about it, it isn't really the same as the book."

Elinor, 8, Highland, Scotland

"I think Fantastic Mr Fox has its name written all over it, it is fantastic! Well done."

Hannah, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"It is my second favourite movie ever and it's really funny and exciting."

Chand, 11, Reading, England

"I thought the film was great! I especially liked the baby foxes, they were so cute. I couldn't believe how different it was from the book!"

Mia, 13, Lancashire, England

"This is a very funny film and all my friends love it too!"

Zarrin, 9, London, England

"A definite hit! I loved this film. I was really scared of Bean and his wife!"

Jordan, 9, Lincolnshire, England

"I love this movie. I think it is really good. I like it because it is action packed."

Matthew, 9, Somerset, England

"It is a fantastic movie."

Jack, 11, Hereford, England

"A fantastic movie with different animals in the movie so watch out, because the animals will come and get you and take over your farm!"

Faron, 11, Hereford, England

"It lives up to its name. It's a fantastic family film. I give it 10/10!"

Teresa, 9, London, England

"The book is better than the film."

Alice, 9, Walsall, England

"Fantastic Mr Fox is a good film. If you haven't seen it then what are you waiting for? Watch it!"

Maliha, 10, London, England

"It was good and Fantastic Mr Fox was fantastic!"

Peggy, 4, London, England

"I like the book better because I think it is more realistic. I still think that the film is OK though so I give it a 5 out of 10."

Francesca, 11, Wakefield, England

"I think it is very funny and it is different from all the other films!"

Janelle, 10, Worcestershire, England

"I really didn't like it. It just didn't live up to Mr Dahl's book. It was boring. The DVD extras weren't the only thing wrong with it!"

Sophie, 11, Manchester, England

"It's great for people who've got a sense of humour!"

Naga, 13, London, England

"It's very good. I don't mind that it was not the same as the original book, it was still great. I'd watch it time and time again, a really good family movie."

Elsa, 12, London, England

"I watched Fantastic Mr Fox in the cinema with my friends as book was made by a creative author, Roald Dahl! It was funny and foxy!"

Juwairiyah, 10, London, England

"It was really boring. It was only about some animals trying to escape. I would say little kids might like it."

Ella, 8, Kent, England

"The book is better but it is still OK. I will give it a 6 out of 10."

Isabelle, 10, London, England

"It was so easy to watch. One of the best films I've ever seen."

Millie, 10, London, England

"Loved the film. I watched it on my birthday, it was great! Even all my friends that came loved it and so did my Mum."

India, 9, Hampshire, England

"It was really cool, he's so smart. The graphics are rubbish, but I think it's meant to be like that."

Philip, 10, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

"I liked it but me and my best friend were talking in the middle of it because it was a bit boring."

Wilf, 7, London, England

"This film is awful because it seems to go on forever!"

Toby, 11, Monmouthshire, Wales

"It was fantastic and it was brilliant."

Maisie, 5, Shropshire, England

"It is very funny and great."

Abigail, 7, Manchester, England

"It's rubbish, the worst thing I've seen."

Lydia, 7, Swansea, Wales

"It was a bad movie. I hated it!"

Kiran, 10, England

"It's an OK story. It got a little boring at times."

Lili, 12, Chelmsford, England

"This film's amazing. I thought it was funny and altogether brilliant!"

Caitlin, 8, Coventry, England

"This is a great film for every one. It is fantastic, like Fantastic Mr Fox!"

Ellie, 9, West Sussex, England

"I think that the film itself is good but they have completely changed the story line and made the characters different."

Hannah, 9, Northamptonshire, England

"I thought it would be rubbish but it was really good and funny!"

Olivia, 13, London, England

"We love the film. We think it was great that the film had new characters to add interest."

Year 4, 9, Birmingham, England

"It has lots of animals. I liked it when Ash pretended he was sick and had a temperature."

Ellie, 7, Crawley, England

"One word; totally fantastic. Make that two words!"

Patrick, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"This film was fantastic."

Rosie, 7, Cheshire, England

"This is the best!"

Alejandra, 9, Arizona, USA

"Funny but weird, and the ending could go on for a bit longer."

Megan, 10, Kent, England

"I think it is really good and the animation is awesome!"

Gracie, 9, Surrey, England

"I love the film, it is so funny!"

Cristyn, 9, Denbighshire, Wales

"It's an awful film with a predictable plot, padded out with poor dialogue. Must try harder, much, much harder. Sorry!"

Conor, 11, Woking, England

"I read the book about seven times and I loved the DVD!!"

Emily, 11, London, England

"I think that it's a fantastic film and loved every minute of it! It's animated perfectly!"

Ella, 8, Yorkshire, England

"I found it was a complete letdown, only a two star for me. Sorry!"

Grace, 10, Cambridge, England

"Fantastic Mr Fox is really good and even though it is not as good as the book, it is really interesting."

Sina, 10, London, England

"It was an alright film but it was a bit boring. It was also predictable at times."

Will, 11, Herefordshire, England

"I think it's very, very funny, almost hilarious. Mr Fox rules!"

Lilly, 11, Sheffield, England

"It was funny!"

Hannah, 10, Bristol, England

"The movie was great! There was lots of action in it."

Natalia, 11, Spain

"Read it instead because the book's better."

Sophie, 8, Burnley, England

"I love this film! I could watch it over and over again."

Emily, 11, Worcestershire, England

"I love the film. My friends and I liked Mrs Fox the best."

Evie, 9, Norwich, England

"I really like Fantastic Mr Fox so watch it and see for yourself."

Sophie, 7, Lancashire, England

"I really liked Fantastic Mr fox as it was funny, exciting, tense and all wonderful!"

Henry, 10, Bath, England

"He's cool and kind and fantastic and funny!"

Ibreeham, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I really enjoyed it but Mummy and Daddy liked it even more!"

Matthew, 4, Kent, England

"I have watched this film and it is just so funny! Non stop jokes!"

Sasha, 10, London, England

"This film is really funny. I think this is the best cartoon film ever."

Marwa, 11, Birmingham, England

"It was the best film I have ever seen in my life."

Riley, 8, West Sussex, England

"I really liked this movie because it was really fun."

Rhiannon, 12, London, England

"It is so great. I've got the book as well. One of my favourite movies as I love foxes, they're my favourite animal!."

Lucy, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"It's changed a lot from the book. I think that's a weakness."

Ellie, 8, London, England

"Mr Fox was cool! I loved everyone in it!"

Gracie, 8, Hampshire, England

"It was very good when it comes to the characters in the DVD."

Katie, 8, Hampshire, England

"I love it! It is the most fantastic film I've ever seen!"

Aisling, 10, Ireland

"I think Fantastic Mr Fox is a great film."

Ellie, 8, Midlothian, Scotland

"I think Fantastic Mr Fox is a hit as a book as well as the film!"

Liam, 10, Newcastle, England

"I recommend it to anyone, especially younger children. Grown-ups wont enjoy it as much. It's a cartoon so anyone who's big on cartoons, this is the film for you."

Gabrielle, 11, County Durham, England

"A good film with lots of action and I liked it."

Adam, 10, Kent, England

"Fantastic Mr Fox rocks."

Ruksaar, 9, Dudley, England

"It's amazing, I have read the book loads of times. I am a big fan of Roald Dahl books and hope there will be more Roald Dahl books out in the near future."

Amy, 14, England

"I thought it was good, but I've never read the book."

Maddy, 10, London, England

"This film has a very good and patient animator. It is great."

Olivia, 10, London, England

"I think it is excellent."

Jack, 7, New Zealand

"I think the movie is brilliant."

Rosey, 10, County Armagh, N. Ireland

"It was good, but not as good as some films."

Lauren, 10, Northamptonshire, England

"I loved it! It was great."

Gracie, 8, Hampshire, England

"It is a bad movie."

Callum, 8, Clwyd, Wales

"It's a fantastic movie."

Mya, 8, West Yorkshire, England

"The graphics are the worst thing ever, in the history of movies."

Alan, 12, London, England

"Being a great fan of the books, I thought this was a weird version and hated it!"

Ned, 9, Northampton, England

"A brilliant and humorous Roald Dahl classic! It's unmissable!"

Joe, 11, Leeds, England

"I think the film was boring. There was no action."

Alexandra, 9, London, England

"I love it."

Hannah, 11, Isle of Man, GB

"Fantastic Mr Fox is a fabulous film! It's fun and just about suitable for all ages!"

Becka, 12, Swindon, England

"It's brill! So amazing! FIVE STARS"

Helen, 11, Berkshire, England

"Fantastic Mr. Fox is FANTASTIC! I've watched it millions of times and guess what, I'm watching it now!"

Lowri, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"I liked the book but have not had time to watch the film. By the reviews it must be brill. I'd better watch it then shouldn't I?"

Elie, 8, Neath Port Talbot, Wales

"It's a great film!"

Ruben, 12, London, England

"I thought it was very interesting and funny. My favourite character was Ash."

Leah, 10, Scarborough, England

"Rubbish, I hated it. I switched it off after five minutes because I was bored out of my head! 2 out of 10!"

Natalie, 11, Nelson, UK

"It was a fantastic film. It made me laugh and it got my attention."

Maeve, 8, Perthshire, Scotland

"It's amazing, very funny!"

Vanessa, 12, Dorchester, England

"I think this movie is brilliant."

Sophie, 13, West Midlands, England

"It was brilliant and very tense and just AMAZING!"

Lauren, 13, London, England

"It was really funny!"

Niamh, 10, Bristol, England

"It was great but not as good as the book. Some bits were weak and others great. 3 stars."

Emily, 12, West Midlands, England

"I haven't seen the film yet but I have read the book and it is very well done. As the film is based on the book and it boasts high quality actors, it must be a good film for all."

Arjun, 9, London, England

"It's a good film. I rate it 10/10."

Hakim, 12, Birmingham, England

"It's so amazing, wicked and awesome."

Emily, 11, Middlesbrough, England

"I thought Fantastic Mr Fox was fantastic! My dad and I got it out on DVD and we loved it! I would give a 9 out of 10."

Maeve, 11, Co. Kildare, N. Ireland

"WOW! Best film ever. Exciting, clever and funny."

Tara, 10, London, England

"I watched this DVD again and again and again, it was that good!"

Shareen, 10, Liverpool, England

"This film is really funny! I watched it last night on DVD and I was laughing the whole way through! I looked at the special features and watched them, but there were only three. They were really good though. Overall, this is such a good, family, film that I recommend to anyone!"

Louisa, 12, Herefordshire, England

"It is good, but at some points it just drifts away."

Saim, 10, London, England

"It is so cool!!"

Sasha, 7, Aberdeen, Scotland

"It is one of the best movies in the World, including Avatar!"

Chand, 11, Reading, England

"Fantastic Mr Fox is really good. I think it is for all ages."

Oliver, 8, East Sussex, England

"I thought the film was amazing, really good and very funny. The voices are fantastic."

Hinna, 13, Woking, England