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Last Updated: Monday March 01 2010 11:26 GMT

Canada end games with 14th gold

Sidney Crosby scores in overtime to secure Canada the final gold medal of the Olympic Winter Games

Canada grabbed the final gold medal of the Winter Olympics in the men's ice hockey final as the games drew to a close in Vancouver.

Canada clinched a dramatic 3-2 win over the United States in front of a packed crowd, to give the host nation their 14th gold of the Games.

The win sees them finish top of the medal table with 14 gold, seven silver and five bronze medals.

The United States won the most medals, with 37 overall.

The men's ice hockey final rounded off 17 days of intense competition.

It was an ice hockey double for the Canadians after the women's team also beat America, 2-0.

Last gasp victory

The Canadian men's team last won Olympic gold back in 2002.

This time round, the win only came thanks to a dramatic extra-time goal from Sidney Crosby.

The final could have been more straight forward but a series of missed opportunities allowed the US to set up the tense extra period.

Closing ceremony

The Games featured 2,500 athletes from 82 competing nations.

Fireworks at closing ceremony

After a huge medal tally the Canadians have become the most successful ever hosts of a Winter Olympics.

Lots of fireworks were let off as part of the closing ceremony, as people in the host city of Vancouver filled the streets to celebrate the success of these games.