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Last Updated: Friday February 26 2010 08:16 GMT

I went to the Alice in Wonderland premiere!

Press Packer Toni

Press Packer Toni reports from the Alice in Wonderland premiere

It may have been raining but that didn't stop celebs and royals from getting to the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland.

Press Packer Toni was lucky enough to have a ticket so we got her to be our entertainment reporter for the event.

Here's her report from the red, or should that be green, carpet!

"The first thing I had to do when I got to Leicester Square was put on my wristband and press pass.

This meant I could go in the media area where there were lots of other reporters and camera crews ready to interview the stars as they arrived for the film.

It felt really weird and strange, but in a good way, and it was exciting as I've never done anything like this before.

24 hours

The carpet leading up to the cinema was green, instead of red, which gave it a Wonderland feel.

And there were loads of people waiting behind barriers to see their favourite actors. One person had been there for 24 hours - they were a Johnny Depp fan!

Joking around

Toni chats to Matt Lucas
Toni chats to Matt Lucas

When the stars started arriving everyone was screaming out their names. It got very exciting when celebrities started coming towards me so I could speak to them.

I got to speak to the director of Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham-Carter, Avril Lavigne, Matt Lucas and Barbara Windsor.

I liked talking to Barbara Windsor, she was really smiley and Matt Lucas was joking around with me.


One thing I learnt about being a reporter is that there is a lot of waiting around and sometimes it's not as glamorous as it looks.

We had to stand outside in torrential rain, it was very cold and even my hands went numb!

But it didn't matter, it was so amazing to be there.

Royal chat

The director Tim Burton tells Toni all about the film
The director Tim Burton tells Toni all about the film

The best part of the night was when we were inside the cinema - I got to speak to Prince Charles! He was there to see the film too!

He came up to me first before he spoke to all the celebrities.

He asked me how I got the opportunity to be at the premiere and I said it was because of my art teacher [through The Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts], and he asked if I got wet outside, I said VERY!

I also got to watch the film. It was amazing. I liked all of it and there were some funny characters in it. The Mad Hatter was one of my favourites.

My whole night was special. It was really fun being a reporter. I got to see what it was like behind the scenes and I felt like I was in my own wonderland getting to speak to famous people. I will never forget it."

Toni, 11, London, England

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