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Last Updated: Thursday February 25 2010 18:40 GMT

Kids record own Haiti single

Schoolkids sing for Haiti

School kids release own Haiti single

A group of schoolchildren have shown it's not just Simon Cowell who can create a charity single.

Kids from across Leeds have got together to record their own version of Love Can Build a Bridge at a recording studio in the city.

They plan to sell the single and give all the money they make to people who have been affected by the massive earthquake in Haiti.

The single will be released in shops as well as being sold online.

The cash will be added to the £21m that has already been raised for Haiti by people in the UK.

A professional recording studio was used to record the song.

Producers who work there will be able to mix all their voices together and make it sound just like any other song you would download or listen to on the internet.

Raising money

It's just one of many ways people have been raising money to help the disaster-struck country.

Young people have held sponsored swims, car washes, bring and buy sales and even benefit concerts as a way of getting as much money together as possible.