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Last Updated: Thursday February 25 2010 14:59 GMT

In pictures: Britain's animal heroes

Treo, military working dog

Army search dog Treo has been honoured with a PDSA Dickin Medal for saving lives in Afghanistan. But he's not the first animal to receive this highly regarded award...

Pigeon called GI Joe

GI Joe is famous for making a 20 mile flight in 20 minutes. The pigeon brought a message which arrived just in time to save the lives of at least 100 soldiers during WWII.

Beauty with Bill Barnett

Beauty, the wire-haired terrier, won given the Dickin Medal on 12 January 1945 for being the first dog to find buried air-raid victims while serving with a PDSA Rescue Squad.

Judy, a pedigree pointer

Judy won her award in May 1946 for magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps and for saving many lives because of her intelligence and watchfulness.

Police horses Olga, Upstart and Regal

Olga, Upstart and Regal were all police horses and were honoured in April 1947 for remaining calm when bombs exploded in London.

Pigeon called White Vision

White Vision was awarded a Dickin Medal in December 1943 for delivering a message under exceptionally difficult conditions while serving with the RAF.

Rob the 'para' dog with his SAS regiment

Border collie Rob made over 20 parachute descents! He won his award on 22 January 1945 for helping to hide servicemen in North Africa and Italy.

RAF police dog Lucky with Cpl. Bevel Austin Stapleton

Lucky was an RAF Police anti-terrorist tracker dog between 1949 and 1952. He showed exceptional determination and life-saving skills during the Malaya Campaign.

Simon the cat

Simon the cat served on HMS Amethyst in 1949 and was honoured for getting rid of lots of rats, even though he was wounded in a blast.