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Last Updated: Wednesday February 24 2010 19:34 GMT

Dalek success at Dr Who auction

The Daleks which were sold at auction

A slightly tatty old Dalek has sold for £20,400 at a Doctor Who auction.

The black and gold Imperial Dalek had a replacement 'plunger' and eyeball, and some of its slats were missing, but it was still the best-selling item.

A white Dalek also sold for £15,600, and a Cyberman went for £9,600. Both Daleks sold for more than twice what they were expected to make.

The sale of props at Bonham's auction house in London included items from recent, and past, Doctor Who series'.

Outfits worn by the cast proved popular too.

The outfits from Voyage of the Damned
The outfits from Voyage of the Damned

A smart black dinner suit, which David Tennant wore in The Voyage of the Damned Christmas special, was sold for £5,040.

And the black waitress outfit worn by Kylie Minogue in the same episode made £3,120.


Fans of the old series' weren't disappointed though.

A mask from a 1984 episode called The Caves of Androzani sold for £4,800, and a rubber brontosaurus from the 1974 story Invasion of the Dinosaurs went for £1,320.

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