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Last Updated: Wednesday February 24 2010 13:30 GMT

Sniffer dog wins bravery medal

Treo and his handler Sergeant David Heyhoe

An army sniffer dog called Treo is being given the highest bravery award for saving lives in Afghanistan.

The black Labrador twice found hidden bombs which could have killed or injured soldiers.

Treo is being given the PDSA Dickin Medal, which is the most important award a military animal can receive.

Since the medal was introduced in 1943, 26 other dogs, 32 World War II messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat have won it.

Treo worked with his handler Sergeant Dave Heyhoe for five years.

Dave said: "Everyone will say that he is just a military working dog - yes, he is, but he is also a very good friend of mine. We look after each other."


Treo has now stopped working with the army and become Dave's family pet. His medal is being presented to him at a big ceremony in London.

There are around 25 dogs in Afghanistan helping British troops find guns and explosives.