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Last Updated: Tuesday February 23 2010 08:54 GMT

Giant dog sets world record

Giant George's owner talks about him

A Great Dane from America has officially been named as the tallest dog ever!

He's called Giant George and has made it into the record books for being a massive 109cm tall.

George was measured by the Guinness World Records team who say that beat his nearest rival by nearly 2cm.

George's owner David says the four-year-old dog is so big that he has to sleep on his own queen-sized bed inside the house.

George gets through 110lb of dog food a month.

And on a recent plane trip in America, George was given a row of three seats to himself.

But he was so popular it caused a bit of a problem.

David said: "There were so many people coming to the front of the plane, the pilot ended up illuminating the 'fasten seat-belt' sign to get everyone to sit down."