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Last Updated: Monday February 22 2010 18:30 GMT

Doctors test nut allergy 'cure'


Doctors in Cambridge reckon they've found a way to cure peanut allergies for good, and they've set up a trial to test out their theory.

It's going to be the biggest trial ever to find a treatment for peanut allergies, which can cause serious medical issues like breathing problems.

They're going to give 104 sufferers aged seven to 17 tiny amounts of peanut every day to build up tolerance.

The trial will last for three years, and cost £1 million to do.

But if you are allergic to peanuts, don't try to test this theory yourself.

The research is being carried out by medical experts, and if you have an allergy to them it would be very dangerous to try to eat them on your own.


It isn't the first time doctors have tested this theory.

Last year Ricky investigated this peanut allergy cure

Last year Ricky went to meet some kids who were testing it out by eating small amounts of peanut flour each day, and said they thought they were cured.

Doctors slowly increased the amount over six months so they became less sensitive to the nuts, and in the end were eating five a day.