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Last Updated: Saturday February 20 2010 09:30 GMT

In pictures: Doctor Who auction

Waitress costume worn by Kylie Minogue in Doctor Who

Calling all (rich!) Doctor Who fans. Loads of costumes and props are going up for auction on 24 February. Including this dress...

David Tennant and Kyle Minogue

Yes, that's the very outfit that Kylie wore in Voyage of the Damned. You don't get the tray though.

A Mandrell

With arms as long as its body, the Mandrell is an odd-looking creature but also one of the oldest costumes. It was in Doctor Who in 1979 and is expected to be sold for 1,500.

Imperial Dalek

The Dalek has always been the Doctor's arch nemesis. This Imperial Dalek was used in the series back in 1988.

Cheetah person costume

This Cheetah person costume is expected to go for 1,200. Not too sure about the yellow skirt though...


The Kandyman might look sweet but don't be fooled. He came up against the Doctor back in 1988. All those sweets are actually made of foam latex.

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Matt Smith as The Doctor




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