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Last Updated: Friday February 19 2010 07:51 GMT

London kids visit White House

First lady Michelle Obama meets with students from schools across the London borough of Islington, at the White House in Washington

A group of school children from London got to meet the US First Lady Michelle Obama on a trip to the White House.

The American Embassy in London paid for 10 kids (one pupil from each of the 10 comprehensive schools in Islington) to go out to the USA.

They were chosen after winning a Black History Month competition about immigration from the West Indies.

But it's not the first time Barack Obama's wife has met schoolchildren in the UK.

In April last year she visited Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London.

Pupils talk about meeting Michelle Obama

Crowds of people lined the streets around the school to catch a glimpse of Mrs Obama as she arrived.

She told them then: "We are counting on every single one of you to be the best that you can be."