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Last Updated: Thursday February 18 2010 15:35 GMT

Pupils bouncing back after floods

Kids recovering from flood chaos

A group of young people whose town was devastated by floods have been speaking about how they coped with the disaster.

The town of Cockermouth in Cumbria was hit by major floods in November 2009. Loads of families had to leave their homes and businesses were closed.

For many children, their lives are still not back to normal.

Some are still living in temporary accommodation with their parents while their homes are cleaned up. This means they live further away from school too.

Dani, 17, and her family, found themselves trapped upstairs in their shop as the floods hit.

Dani from Cockermouth

"I felt trapped and it was like a life or death situation that I was absolutely petrified of," she said.

But she added that it had bought the pupils at her school closer together because they had all been through the same ordeal.


And 13-year-old Emmaline is now living with her family outside Cockermouth, and has to travel further to school by bus every day.

Emmaline from Cockermouth

"For the first few weeks it was very stressful, with my family trying to sort everything out, like insurance," she said.

"I've settled now because we all got a box each to take our belongings. I've saved most of my stuff, so it's all good."

The floods were caused by much heavier rainfall than usual.

Builders are working constantly to repair all the damage to houses and shops in Cockermouth, and it's hoped that everything will be back to normal soon.