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Last Updated: Thursday February 18 2010 06:01 GMT

Kids 'not getting enough sleep'

Ricky meets Lewis, who filled out the questionnaire

Kids 'not getting enough sleep'

Did you know that we spend around 27 years of our lives asleep?

Well now Newsround has done a sleep questionnaire and we found that more than half of the kids we asked said they weren't getting enough shut-eye.

This was often because they were distracted in their rooms at night by TV, games, computers and texting.

But some children admitted it made them too tired in the morning and sometimes affected their behaviour at school the next day.

Newsround asked more than 1,000 kids to fill in our sleep questionnaire. They were all aged between nine and 11-years-old, and went to schools around the UK.

Most of the children said they went to bed at about 9.30pm, but some said their usual bedtime was 10pm or even later.

Computer games

Experts say 10-year-olds should get 10 hours' sleep a night because it's important to help their young brains and bodies grow.

Ricky with Lewis
Ricky with Lewis

One person who took part in Newsround's questionnaire was 10-year-old Lewis from Liverpool. He goes to bed later than most kids and said it was because he plays computer games in his bedroom.

In our questionnaire, more than half of children said they had a TV in their room, and loads of you have games and mobiles too.


Newsround spoke to a sleep expert about our questionnaire results.

"There's a lot of children getting way too little sleep," the expert told us.

"We now have TVs, computers, games, text messaging - there's a lot of lively, exciting things that children enjoy doing late at night that probably shouldn't be in their bedrooms."